Position:                     Real-Estate Project Manager

Job Code:                   JD-IN-PM-TC

Reporting Line:         Investment Director




The Real-Estate Project Manager is OIF’s responsible party for the delivery of the site. His/her responsibilities commence at due diligence through construction, with the Real-Estate Project Manager being responsible for oversight of engineers, architects and other consultants, budgeting, contract administration, scheduling, and coordination with operations.


Key Responsibilities:



The Real-Estate Project Manager mission is to undertake delivery plans for real-estate development and monitor subsequent performance against this, taking corrective action where appropriate. The Real-Estate Project Manager is the custodian of project coordination and delivery, especially at the post contract phases.



1.    Ensures scope of service for all consultants/contractors are clear and understood. To that effect, he/she develops schedules with critical path milestones, and aligns all parties with the project’s cost and timeline objectives. He/She ensures OIF delivery expectations are understood and achieved with all reporting issued to meet timescales;


2.    Manages contracts for all professional services and the construction team including running regular project meetings, managing payments and the claims process during construction and reconciles budgets at end of construction;


3.    Monitors all consultants and contractors’ performance and manages payments to them in accordance with OIF guidelines;


4.    Throughout the project, monitors expenses against budget;


5.    Reviews all contract changes and coordinates change control processes;


6.    Maintains records of all changes and required approvals;


7.    Provides input into technical queries of consultants and contractors and comments (where applicable and required) on drawings;


8.    Prepares monthly project review reports for discussion and review by OIF management;


9.    Ensure effective communication with OIF and that service provision is of the highest professional/ethical standards;


10. Monitors and assists teams in addressing deficiencies following substantial performance;


11. Oversees completion of maintenance procedure instruction, systems, demonstration and proper delivery of Operating Manuals;


12. Undertakes post-completion reviews and verifies close out documentation and coordinates the one year warranty review;


13. Maintains all records for the project.


Profile and Requirements:


§  A minimum of 10 years with specific experience demonstrated in Oman, particularly in the hospitality sector;


§  knowledge of contract forms used in Oman along with understanding of all necessary project related permits;


§  Bachelor’s Degree of Finance/Accounting/Business Administration / or Civil Engineering.


§  A qualified engineer hold a technical qualification in Project Management and another technical profession and will preferably be professionally qualified to APM, MRICS, RIBA, CIOB, Engineering or level together with evidence of managerial training;




To apply, please send your CV to and quote in the subject the Job Code (JD-IN-PM-TC) in no later than 18/02/2018